About Mequon

Mequon is the fourth-largest city in Wisconsin in terms of land area, boasting a population of nearly 25,000, outstanding schools, an active business environment and a fantastic quality of life.

There is ample access to services, amenities, dining and recreational activities -- not to mention the beautiful natural surroundings, including dozens of parks, the Milwaukee River and Lake Michigan.

Due to its low density zoning, Mequon real estate has been carefully developed to maintain the city's expansive feel. The result is an in-demand suburban community with traditionally low tax rates and strong property values.

Mequon has a rich historical past, dating back to the early 1800s when the area was settled by immigrants from Germany.

Today, Mequon, WI has outgrown its humble beginnings as a small farming town; it’s a thriving bedroom community for Milwaukee. And it’s an excellent environment for individuals and families to call home.

Virtual Tour of Jonathan Clark House

View of the Jonathan Clark House through the trees

Yesterday, I popped over to the Jonathan Clark House during their Open House. Camera in hand, I eagerly followed Dr. Nina Jo Look, volunteer Museum Director, as she gave a tour of the house and grounds. The stories and history of Jonathan Clark and his house are absolutely fascinating. What a difference he made in early Mequon's development! While no substitute for actually going to the ... [Read more]

Mequon’s Jonathan Clark House: Take a Step Back to 1848

Back view of the Jonathan Clark House in Mequon, Wisconsin, showing fieldstone side walls

Ever drive by the corner of Bonniwell and Cedarburg Roads and see the old grey fieldstone house up on the hill? Ever wonder about its history, who lived there and just how long the house has been standing there? This historic Mequon landmark is the 165 year-old Jonathan Clark House and it’s an important piece of our community’s history. And, thanks to a group of local supporters, the house will ... [Read more]