Mequon's Responsive Leadership and Government

Mequon maintains an active mayor-council form of government and an appointed city administrator. The city feels that having a responsible government is critical to its well-being. That’s why Mequon is committed to operating a responsive representative government headed by an elected part-time mayor.

As Mequon’s chief executive, Mayor Dan Abendroth works closely with the Mequon Common Council to make decisions based on local and state laws, as well as recommendations from the city’s full-time administrator. Elected for a three-year term, Abendroth has served as mayor since 2013.

Common Council

The Mequon Common Council is comprised of aldermen elected from eight different districts. As Mequon’s chief legislative body, the council’s primary job is to make policy decisions based on relevant and accurate information received from the city administrator’s office.

The council has four standing committees that provide recommendations concerning municipal projects, facilities, services, finance and personnel, as well as issues relating to the health, safety, and welfare of the community as a whole.

Currently, Ken Zganjar of District #2 serves as president of the Mequon Common Council. The complete list of members are:

Police, Fire and Volunteer Services

In addition to the mayor, council and administrator, volunteer citizen committees also contribute to Mequon’s government. They support the work of elected officials to ensure a democratic, citizen-oriented process.

All of the entities collaborate to make sure Mequon has access to vital services, such as a police department with 38 sworn officers and a support staff of 13. The department uses active volunteers, known as the Mequon Police Reserve, to enhance its resources. These 25 reservists provide security and traffic support at Pommerntag, Gathering on the Green, Homestead High School football games and other community functions.

The Mequon Fire Department is another critical service supported by the local government. Staffed by a full-time chief and approximately 50 paid on-call firefighters, the department works from two strategically-located stations to provide fire suppression, rescue squads, inspections and public education services. The 25-member Mequon Ambulance Department works in conjunction with the fire department’s rescue squads.