Virtual Tour of Jonathan Clark House

Yesterday, I popped over to the Jonathan Clark House during their Open House.

Camera in hand, I eagerly followed Dr. Nina Jo Look, volunteer Museum Director, as she gave a tour of the house and grounds. The stories and history of Jonathan Clark and his house are absolutely fascinating. What a difference he made in early Mequon’s development!

While no substitute for actually going to the house and experiencing it yourself, here’s a virtual tour I put together from some of my photos. Enjoy!

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Jen Keller is the founder and managing editor of Your Mequon. She left the hubbub of the San Francisco Bay Area 15+ years ago and is happily raising her 3 sons in Mequon - Thiensville. Jen also runs a SEO consulting company and from time-to-time, offers SEO training.


  1. Kathleen Hohl from MATC contacted us to share these additional pictures of the students and staff who collaborated on the landscape designs. See

  2. Nina Look says:

    Jen and staff –
    Would you please contact me and make an appointment to return for updated photographs?

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