The Best Way to Cool Off This Summer: The Mequon Pool

Mequon pool with lifeguard on tower watching swimmersGrab your swimsuit and goggles. The Mequon Community Pool is open and in full swing for the summer!

It’s not as fancy as the newly renovated River Club Pool. Nor does it have the water spouts and slippery slides like the pool in Cedarburg. But, what our Mequon Community Pool does have is convenience, low cost and social cache. It is THE place to meet your school friends and reconnect during those hot and humid summer days.

Not One but Two Pools

The Mequon Pool is actually two pools. The large main pool includes a shallow and deep end, two diving boards the kids can’t seem to stay off of, and a swimmer’s lane for those who want a healthy cardio workout.

In a separate enclosure, just feet away from the main pool, there’s a zero-depth kidd pool that accommodates parents and their toddler swimmers.

Top-Notch Lifeguards

With a kind and personal staff, the Mequon Community pool does a great job providing a safe and carefree environment. There are usually four trained lifeguards on duty at a time, with one dedicated to working the kiddy pool. Rules are strictly enforced. No running, no flotation devices and no leaping from the diving boards until the swimmer in front of you has cleared the area.

On hot summer days, the pool is flooded with kids. But don’t worry . . . there’s always Adult Swim. During certain times of the day, lifeguards will clear the pool of anyone under 18 and adults can cool off for a bit without having to worry about the little ones.

The Dive for Snacks

After taking a dip, stop by The Dive, a mobile snack bar just outside the pool entrance. They offer tasty grub and icy drinks, but most people come for the 24 flavors of ice cream. In a dish or on a cone, nothing beats a cold creamy frozen dessert after a hot day at the pool. Choose your favorite treat (mine’s an ice cold root beer float) and relax at the picnic tables just outside the pool.

Reasonable Prices

The prices for the pool are really quite reasonable. For Mequon residents ages 3-12 it’s $3.50 daily, and for ages 13 and above, it’s $4.50. Thiensville residents pay a bit more. Anyone under the age of 3 is free.

The real money saver for Mequon families is the $100 Family Pass which covers all family members to age 18. Thiensville families pay $135.

The hot and humid days of the season are here for a while, so stay cool and enjoy all that the Mequon Community Pool has to offer! Open seven days a week, 12:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. from June to late August, when most of the college-aged lifeguards head back to school.

Mequon Community Pool
11335 N. Cedarburg Rd
Mequon, WI 53092
(262) 242-9923

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Brian Mohsenian is a life-long resident of Mequon and a 2012 graduate of Homestead High School. He currently attends Marquette University where he majors in English, writing intensive, with a minor in Film. Brian writes for Your Mequon when he's home for vacation.

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