Advertise on Your Mequon

Two Fingers Pointing to Your Ad Here SayingHa!

If you came to this page looking for a digital advertising rate card, you are out of luck my friend.

It doesn’t exist.

That’s because this site does not run those old-school banner ads.

“Why?” you ask . . .

They just don’t work that well.

The average click-through rate on a banner ad is a measly 0.07 percent. That means less than one out of every 1,000 people click. Come on, when was the last time you clicked on a banner ad?

So, then . . .

What do people click on? What do they notice? What peeks their interest?

It’s exceptional content — articles, stories, images, videos and stories which are creatively compelling, incredibly informative, or sometimes laugh-out-loud funny.

And, if that exceptional content relates to local people, places, events and businesses . . . all the better! Now, you’ve hit on something people are interested in, something they can relate to.

“Nobody reads advertising. People read what interests them and sometimes it’s an ad.”~ Howard Gossage

If you’d like to have an article or story written about your business, organization, event or activity, — or you’d like to sponsor one — contact us. We have a growing email list of subscribers who all have a tie to or an interest in Mequon, Wisconsin.

Rates are dependent upon the type of content we create and how we promote it, so, let’s talk through some ideas.

Then, we’ll get it done.

Image source: Magic and Mayhem Writers

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