About Brian Mohsenian

Brian Mohsenian is a life-long resident of Mequon and a 2012 graduate of Homestead High School. He currently attends Marquette University where he majors in English, writing intensive, with a minor in Film. Brian writes for Your Mequon when he's home for vacation.

Fiddleheads or Starbucks?

It’s no news to residents of Mequon and Thiensville that two of the most popular coffee shops in town are Starbucks and Fiddleheads. These two local favorites are huge competitors and if you’re like most folks, you’ve probably developed a strong loyalty to one or the other. Well, I am here to tell you that you don’t have to choose a side, and that both cafes are great places to go; you just ... [Read more]

Review: Despicable Me 2

Best family movie and funniest animated film of the summer! Those cute little yellow guys are everywhere, and make Despicable Me 2 such a fun film for all ages! The rambunctious and unpredictable Minions, along with their evil master Crew and the children he has adopted, make for a funny and heartwarming film. Doing extremely well at its release, the Universal animated sequel took in $82.5 ... [Read more]

The Best Way to Cool Off This Summer: The Mequon Pool

Grab your swimsuit and goggles. The Mequon Community Pool is open and in full swing for the summer! It’s not as fancy as the newly renovated River Club Pool. Nor does it have the water spouts and slippery slides like the pool in Cedarburg. But, what our Mequon Community Pool does have is convenience, low cost and social cache. It is THE place to meet your school friends and reconnect during ... [Read more]

Bikers at Harley Block Fest in Thiensville

The Harleys are on the road and the roar of motorcycle engines fill the sultry summer air. It’s that time of year again! Young and old, they’re all heading to one of the biggest events of the summer. Wisconsin’s Largest One Day Rally, right here in Thiensville! This Saturday July 13, 2013, Suburban Motors Harley-Davidson is hosting the 2013 Block Fest right on Main Street in ... [Read more]

Mequon’s Jonathan Clark House: Take a Step Back to 1848

Ever drive by the corner of Bonniwell and Cedarburg Roads and see the old grey fieldstone house up on the hill? Ever wonder about its history, who lived there and just how long the house has been standing there? This historic Mequon landmark is the 165 year-old Jonathan Clark House and it’s an important piece of our community’s history. And, thanks to a group of local supporters, the house will ... [Read more]

Mequon Library’s Photography Contest

Capture Mequon and Thiensville in a different light – black and white! Know that secret, breathtakingly beautiful spot in Mequon or Thiensville that makes for a great photo? Or that one stately building whose architectural lines are so cool to photograph, especially in black and white? Well it’s time to break out the camera and shoot some pictures for the whole community to see. The ... [Read more]

Superman Brings New Hope

Bringing another great hero story from DC Comics to life, Man of Steel flew into Mequon’s Marcus North Shore Cinema on June 14th. It raked in a massive $116.6 million, making it the highest weekend gross for the month of June. Besides The Dark Knight Trilogy and the 2011 Green Lantern film, Superman is only the third DC comic to get a movie reboot, and it did an amazing job at re-introducing ... [Read more]

Outpost Natural Foods Coming in 2014

Take note – there is something new coming to Mequon! A new Outpost Natural Foods supermarket is already under construction, on the northeast corner of Mequon and Wauwatosa Roads in Mequon. As the fourth Outpost Natural Foods store, and the very first in Ozaukee County, this 16,000-square-foot space will provide yet another option for health-conscious Mequon shoppers. Commitment to ... [Read more]

Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

"Space; the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. It's continuing mission - to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before." ~ Captain Kirk, Starship Enterprise And this film definitely goes, in epic proportions, to where no Star Trek film has gone before! For original Star Trek fans, such as ... [Read more]

Frosty Sweets To Beat The Heat

It’s one of those unbearably humid summer days and you’re looking for a chilled treat to soothe your parched throat . . . Well have no doubt, Mequon has several places you can go to get instant and delicious relief with some exquisite frozen desserts! Cherry Berry Since it’s fairly new, you may not have heard about this frozen self-serve yogurt bar yet. Flamboyant and vibrantly colorful from ... [Read more]