Frosty Sweets To Beat The Heat

View of Cherry Berry Topping Bar in Mequon, WIIt’s one of those unbearably humid summer days and you’re looking for a chilled treat to soothe your parched throat . . .

Well have no doubt, Mequon has several places you can go to get instant and delicious relief with some exquisite frozen desserts!

Cherry Berry

Since it’s fairly new, you may not have heard about this frozen self-serve yogurt bar yet. Flamboyant and vibrantly colorful from the get-go, Cherry Berry offers over 50 premium healthy and fat-free frozen yogurt flavors, such as Honey Vanilla Greek, Key Lime Bar and Tartastic. And there’s over 50 toppings at the topping bar, from granola, cereals and fresh fruits, to all kinds of candies and sprinkles. Fill your cup with any combination, top it, weigh it and enjoy. You pay for it by the ounce. With bright colors all around, and fun creative seating, the kids will have a blast making their desserts and eating them too! And since it’s frozen yogurt, it’s a healthier option when it comes to chilled treats.


A long-time favorite in Mequon, known for their tender butter burgers and crunchy crinkle-cut French fries, this restaurant at the corner of Mequon and Port Washington Roads also serves up famously delicious custard. Every day, Culver’s features a unique flavor of their fresh frozen custard—and it’s always different from one location to the next. Caramel Cashew, Mint Chip and Red Raspberry are some of the favorites. Culver’s custard is made fresh throughout the day, always with the finest ingredients. They offer many different flavors and toppings, served either on top or as a Concrete Mixers, candy mashed into the custard so it has a creamy, delicious smooth texture. And if you want some custard to go, Culver’s does larger containers and pints big enough to share with rest of the family or a group of friends.

Dairy Queen

As a more classic ice cream restaurant at Mequon Pavilion, off Port Washington Road, Dairy Queen (DQ) offers most everything and anything that you could be looking for in a tasty, frozen treat. Along with some spicy burger selections and other good grub, when it comes to ice cream, DQ is known for its icy cold Blizzards made from different types of candy, cookies, fruit and chocolates. My favorite? Without a doubt, the Butterfinger Blizzard!

In addition to Blizzards, DQ serves up sundaes, waffle and cone treats dipped in chocolate, as well as the classic Dilly bar. For those special celebrations, they make their one-of-a-kind ice cream cakes that are sure to cool off any party in the summer!

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Brian Mohsenian is a life-long resident of Mequon and a 2012 graduate of Homestead High School. He currently attends Marquette University where he majors in English, writing intensive, with a minor in Film. Brian writes for Your Mequon when he's home for vacation.

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