Thiensville, Wisconsin: A Mile of Service and Smiles

Thiensville is a quaint, self-governing village that is inextricably connected to Mequon. It sits on just one square mile and is completely surrounded by the City of Mequon. Locals refer to Thiensville as “the mile of service and smiles” -- a perfect description for the friendly, family-oriented community.

A Bit of History

Thiensville was named after wealthy German immigrant Jochim Heinrich (John Henry) Thien, who moved to the area with his wife in 1842. They purchased 148 acres near the Milwaukee River, built a dam and grist mill and completely immersed themselves in the community.

Thiensville was officially incorporated as a village in 1910, with a population just under 300. Today, it’s home to more than 3,000 residents.

Thiensville Housing

Thiensville is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the greater Mequon area. With that distinction, comes smaller homes and lot sizes — at least when compared to Mequon’s later and newer development.

However, Thiensville has an old-world charm that is hard to beat: canopied tree-lined streets, stone facade bungalows with wide front porches, sprawling 1960s ranch houses and adjoining backyards with few fences. In some areas of Thiensville, the micro-neighborhood is in transition. Houses which been completely remodeled inside sit next to homes with original interiors. It’s not hard to find a fixer-upper with “good bones” in Thiensville.

The houses which line the Milwaukee River in Thiensville share a special cachet. Located primarily on Riverview Drive, these homes are generally pricier and because of their water access, have higher property taxes. The advantages? Stunning river views, the privilege of a boat dock and your very own ice skating rink in the winter when the river freezes over!

Perfect for Families

On any summer evening, take take a stroll through the streets of Thiensville. You’ll immediately notice the kids . . . grade schoolers on bikes pedaling off to play in Thiensville Village Park, teenagers in driveways shooting hoops or infants in strollers being pushed by their parents. It’s a scene from days of old, when kids had the freedom and security to roam. No wonder CNN's Money Magazine listed Thiensville 19th among its 100 Best Small Cities in the United States.

Thiensville’s Attractions & Events

Thiensville is proud of it’s Village Park which boasts a variety of playground equipment, tennis courts, baseball fields, wide-open spaces and easy access to the Milwaukee River. The park is home to annual events such as Lions Fest (in June), Family Fun Before the Fourth (in July) and holds a farmer’s market every Tuesday from June through October. There are other quintessential Thiensville events throughout the year, including: Ladies Night Out, Lobster Fest and Thiensville Volunteer Fire Department’s Pancake Breakfast.

Historic Downtown

Most of Thiensville’s charming downtown business district is located along Main Street and Green Bay Road. Many of the storefronts still have their original-looking facades - clapboard with shingled gables, cream brick exteriors and parapets with stone copings.

At the corner of Green Bay Road and Main Street sits the old Thiensville Village Hall & Fire Department. Erected in 1914, this odd looking structure housed the horse and hand drawn equipment of Thiensville’s Fire Engine Company. The high tower at the front of the building is called a hose tower and was used to hang 100 foot sections of fire hose to dry.


Most of Thiensville is served by Oriole Lane Elementary School (although a portion of southwestern Thiensville attends Wilson Elementary School). Steffen Middle School and Homestead High School are the schools for grades six and above.

Map of Thiensville Boundaries

Map showing the boundary of Thiensville within Mequon, Wisconsin

Goodbye Bank. Hello Apartments?

Now vacant M&I Bank at the corner of Green Bay Rd and Riverview Dr in Thiensville

Oh boy! Just on the heels of the hotly contested beer garden in Village Park comes another potential keg of dynamite. On August 6th at 7 p.m. in Thiensville Village Hall, the Historical Preservation Committee, Plan Commission and Village Board will hear the first round of proposals for a 60-unit luxury apartment complex at the corner of Green Bay Road and Riverview Drive in Thiensville. ... [Read more]

Bikers at Harley Block Fest in Thiensville

A row of Harleys outside of Suburban Motors Harley-Davidson in Thiensville, Wisconsin during Block Fest 2012

The Harleys are on the road and the roar of motorcycle engines fill the sultry summer air. It’s that time of year again! Young and old, they’re all heading to one of the biggest events of the summer. Wisconsin’s Largest One Day Rally, right here in Thiensville! This Saturday July 13, 2013, Suburban Motors Harley-Davidson is hosting the 2013 Block Fest right on Main Street in ... [Read more]

Beer Garden in Thiensville – Not This Year

Covered eating area in Thiensville's Village Park

If you’ve been dreaming about sipping a cold brew in Thiensville Village Park this summer, keep dreaming. In early-May, the Thiensville Village Board approved the idea of having a beer garden operated by Sprecher Brewing Company. In short, Sprecher would manage the operation, supplying tables, chairs, umbrellas, bartenders and, of course, the beer and gourmet sodas. A percentage of the profits ... [Read more]

Thiensville’s Independence Day Party: Family Fun Before the 4th

Three colorful fireworks in the dark sky

If you haven’t participated in Mequon-Thiensville’s Family Fun Before the 4th, you’ve missed one of the very best family fests our town has to offer. Each year, the weekend prior to the 4th of July, Mequon and Thiensville residents gather for day-long festivities -- a parade through the streets of Thiensville, live music in Village Park, picnic and beverages, and fireworks at dusk. Why is ... [Read more]

Summer’s Here: Thiensville’s Annual Lionfest

Ferris wheel at Village Park in Thiensville during Lionfest 2013

If you drove through Thiensville last Saturday, you could not have missed the flashing lights and hundreds of people flocking to Village Park. The 49th Annual Lionfest was on! While the festival was open all weekend, Saturday night was biggest night with the most popular attractions. With the rich smells of popcorn and buttered sweet corn welcoming you into the park, it was hard to deny your ... [Read more]

Beer Garden in Thiensville Village Park?

Thiensville Village Park pavilions with Milwaukee River in background

It looks like we might be on our way to getting a beer garden in Thiensville Village Park. After a prolonged debate on Monday, the concept won approval from the Village Board which met as a Committee of the Whole. Trustees Rob Holyoke, David Lange, John Treffert and Village President Van Mobley supported the idea of establishing the beer garden. Trustees Ron Heinritz and Ken Kucharski voted ... [Read more]