Summer’s Here: Thiensville’s Annual Lionfest

Ferris wheel at Village Park in Thiensville during Lionfest 2013If you drove through Thiensville last Saturday, you could not have missed the flashing lights and hundreds of people flocking to Village Park. The 49th Annual Lionfest was on! While the festival was open all weekend, Saturday night was biggest night with the most popular attractions.

With the rich smells of popcorn and buttered sweet corn welcoming you into the park, it was hard to deny your taste buds from indulging in the annual delicacies — juicy rotisserie chicken dinner, crunchy corn dogs, hot pink and baby blue cotton candy.

Games and Entertainment for all Ages

And if the hot funnel cakes didn’t keep you at the festival, the glittering lights and loud rides were sure to get your attention. The mini amusement park, an integral part of the festival, offered entertainment for all different ages. There were calm rides for the tots, such as the carousel or the climbing castle. And, more adventurous rides for the teens, such as the gut wrenching Tornado and Round Up.

There were also plenty of games. You know the ones where the odds of winning are so unfairly stacked against you. . . the fish and ball toss, dart throw or balloon pop, toy-gun range, basketball shootout, and the ladder climb challenge that few seem to master. The prizes? Those big stuffed animals that we all covet — at least for the day of the fair. Cash prizes were also given out to lucky winners for Bingo, as well as a men’s softball tournament that took place.

Around 8 p.m., the music group The Toys began filling the air with current hit songs, as well as well-known classics, appealing to the young and old alike. Once the music began, Lionfest really came alive, drawing everyone under one large tent to enjoy the show. Cold beer, grilled burgers and neighborly conversation were the order of business for the rest of the night.

Through the years, Thiensville’s Lionfest had become more than just a festival. It’s become a tradition. There’s no better way to end the school year and welcome in the summer season. It’s definitely an event you never want to miss.

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Brian Mohsenian is a life-long resident of Mequon and a 2012 graduate of Homestead High School. He currently attends Marquette University where he majors in English, writing intensive, with a minor in Film. Brian writes for Your Mequon when he's home for vacation.

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