Homestead High School

Homestead High School is one of the highest-performing public high schools in the country. Its mission is to equip students with transferable skills, promote academic independence, foster social responsibility, and inspire a passion for learning.

The school’s 1,350 or so students can choose from 180 different courses, including honors and 17 advanced placement classes. In 2009, BusinessWeek magazine ranked Homestead as the top high school in Wisconsin.

Located on West Mequon Road, Homestead is a shining example of educational excellence. It recently earned an ACT composite score of 25.6 -- the second-highest of all public high schools in Wisconsin. Recent testing also showed that the school’s students passed their advanced placement exams over 88 percent of the time.

Homestead also has an impressive graduation rate that recently exceeded 99 percent. More than 90 percent of the school’s graduates pursue some type of higher education, either through a university, college or technical college.

Homestead High School
5000 W Mequon Road
Mequon, Wisconsin 53092

Brett Bowers, Principal

Preparing Homestead Students to Move On

The number of students who start college but don’t finish is “staggering and astounding” says Brett Bowers, principal of Homestead High School. Last month, Principal Bowers gave a presentation to the Mequon-Thiensville Chamber of Commerce where he outlined some of the recent changes at Homestead aimed specifically at “getting students ready for college or careers”. His ultimate goal:  to make ... [Read more]