A Network of MOMS in Mequon

Babies sitting on blankets in a parkOften parents struggle to find a network of other supportive individuals. Maybe they are new to the area or they’re just new to being parents.

Fortunately for Mequon women, there is a wonderful, responsive group of moms who are all members of the MOMS Club® of Mequon. The group is comprised of women with children of all ages — from high school to infant. The moms’ ages also range, though they all share a common bond as loving parents looking for support and friendship.

History of the Club

The first-ever MOMS Club® was formed in 1983 by Mary B. James, a California stay-at-home mother who wanted to meet other moms who cared for their children full time. She started a local group and her idea quickly grew into a national organization.

The MOMS Club® of Mequon was founded in September 2002 by a small group of new-to-Mequon mothers. Since then, the chapter has grown substantially and in June, 2009, the club divided into MOMS Club® of Mequon – East and MOMS Club® of Mequon – West. While both clubs still continue to have functions together, the split made certain activities, like forming play groups and organizing trips to local Mequon parks, easier to organize.

Local Endeavors

The MOMS Club® of Mequon is led by a volunteer board of directors who, with input from the club members, create a social calendar each month. Activities include play dates, field trips, Mom’s Night Out, socials, gatherings for couples and other fun activities for moms to do with their kids.

The club hosts an annual rummage sale where many members sell their gently used children’s necessities and household items. The club also runs an online auction to benefit Ozaukee Family Services.

The club’s annual preschool fair is one of the largest gathering of its kind in this area. Held in January, the fair features over 25 preschools and organizations from Mequon, Cedarburg and Grafton all brought together under one roof. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet directors and teachers, learn about programs and possibly find the “right” preschool for your child’s needs.

Nominal Fee to Join

The MOMS Club® of Mequon costs a nominal $25 a year, but promises benefits that far outweigh the cost. Potential new members are always welcome to come to events and see if the club is something that would suit their lives.

Image source:  Rita Quinn

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About Elizabeth Braatz

Elizabeth Braatz was born and raised in Mequon and now lives in Thiensville with her husband and 3 children. She writes for Metroparent Magazine and blogs at MilwaukeeMoms.com.

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